FOOD FOTO: Eggcellent

Lady Gaga said it best: We're all born superstars.  After a night of hail storms and freezing temps with the heat conspicuously absent from my apartment, I was feeling a little less like a superstar this morning.  So I made a star-shaped egg, natch.

Making shapes out of food is probably the simplest way to put a smile on your face or the faces of those who are lucky enough to have your cooking at their disposal.  Use your favorite metal cookie cutter, spray the inside generously with cooking spray (make sure it's flour-free spray, gluten free friends) or brush it with a little light-tasting olive oil, place in a prepared pan, and crack an egg or pour some pancake batter in.  And have a better day!


  1. I love the star! Nice work.

  2. Amanranth the EVERLIVINGApril 12, 2011 at 11:09 AM

    Eggs are wonderfully versatile. I once made a blue omelette using food coluring just to see what it would be like. It was very blue. No idea what it tasted like as I couldn't bring myself to eat the unnatural-looking thing.

    I'd also like to postulate on the possibility of star-shaped sauteed potatoes.