Guidelines & Disclaimer

Some Guidelines to Consider &  An Earnest Disclaimer

As has become the Golden Rule of food blogging and recipe publishing in general, please treat my original work with respect when re-posting or using for your own purposes.  Asking my permission to re-post on a blog isn't necessary, so long as I receive credit and a link back to the original post.  In fact, I love to share!  Just don't be shady.  Please also extend this Golden Rule to recipes I feature created by others.  If you'd like to use my original recipes in print, please email me, and I'll try to conceal my excitement as best as possible.

All photos are copyright Practically Gluten Free, and cannot be used without my express permission.

And for the Disclaimer: This blog is for my personal use only, and is not intended to advise, diagnose, or treat any medical condition.  Any nutrition or health-related information is taken at your own risk, and I assume no responsibility for any actions or outcomes related to the use of this blog.  Consult your health clinician before making any decisions or changes to your diet as applicable.